Keep it moving

Dear Reader,

As I commenced my morning workout this fine morning, I saw plenty of people exercising along in the local park where I was.

They were doing a variety of things. Yoga. Walking. Some were attempting power walking as well. Stretching. You name it, and they were doing it.

And in a country like India where obesity is pretty much not just an epidemic but (and in my opinion) a pandemic – and NOT just amongst adults, mind you, this can only be a good thing.

Another good things is that a lot of these folks are “regulars” i.e. they’ve been doing these routines for years without fail. I still remember a lot of the gentlemen I saw walking around today from “way back in the day” when yours truly used to partake of regular workouts here albeit not quite at the time I did today (was literally up with the roosters and peacocks today, hehe).

But … here’s the sad part.

Most of these folks could be classified as not just fat – or overweight – but OBESE. And while the exercise is a GOOD thing (again – mark my works – I’m NOT carping on them here) – the problem is WHAT they are doing.

Huh? Isn’t yoga supposed to be good? Isn’t “LSD” cardio supposed to be what your heart needs to get into the “fat burning zone” and “stay there”?

Well, I could respond in the negative here as I’ve done in the past –  but a quick look at said fine folks will give you all the answers you need.

Anyway, as I was going through my dips a gentleman showed up. Two, in fact, with two young girls in tow as well (probably around 10 to 12 years of age).

The first gentleman showed up in the workout area and promptly parked his ass down on a bench.

The girls started to fool around on the dipping bars, not doing much of anything (nothing that would reduce the flab at any rate).

But in the midst of all this, as I was pounding out pull-ups, I noticed the other gentleman.

He kept on doing something – and pretty energetically at that.

He did modified burpees. Tried to haul himself across the monkey bars – and though he couldn’t quite get there, I’d pat him on the back for sheer effort if I had known him. And so forth.

And in the midst of all this, he uttered the most important words of them all.

“Keep it moving! Hurry up – don’t sit around!” (all this directed at the other gentleman and the two young girls).

“Laziness ho jati hai! Come on! Keep it moving!” (Part of that is Hindi, but I suppose you get the drift).

This guy wasn’t “svelte” by any means – but he certainly wasn’t “corpulent” either. Blocky, perhaps, and by his own admission overweight (“Body bahut jada phool gayi hai” is what he said i.e. my body is bloated) – but still – in a heck of a lot better condition than the OTHER folks I’ve mentioned.

There are two important lessons to be learned here, my friend.

First off, your body wasn’t designed to do what folks have been taught to do by personal trainers and gym rats galore, that being to “pump a certain weight for 10 reps” and then “rest” for another 10-15 minutes before you go at it again.

Your body was NOT designed to run slowly on the treadmills while watching TV.

No – your body was – as this guy put it – designed to KEEP IT MOVING!

And one way to do this – and indeed the BEST way is to partake of interval training, which is what I myself do for the first part of my workout.

ALL the routines given in the 0 Excuses Fitness System can be put under this fat blasting umbrella – and if you need any further proof, just see me dripping with sweat after a 250 odd pushup workout – IN air-conditioning at that – done in less than 25 minutes.

Key part to remember here is again this – you KEEP it moving. You do NOT “laze” around between sets. Sure, you can take a quick break here and a quick break there, but maintaining focus and KEEPING it MOVING are both key to fat burning and muscle gain, my friend.

Second, and as you might have guessed, the obvious progression to this is to SPEED things up as much as you can.

My flat land sprint workouts are a perfect example of this. They last between 10-15 minutes – but the workout I get in that time period (and a lot of it is “rest”) is way, way more intense than what most “pavement pounders” and “slow walkers” and “keep the heart rate within a target range” folks get.

So those are the two tips for today, my friend. I’m feeling awesome right about now – on top of the world – and so will you, my friend – if you do things the 0 Excuses way.

Crack open your copy of the System today, and experience the wondrous benefits for yourself in all their glory!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You might also want to take a gander at “Advanced Hill Training” – – which I really should rename “Advanced Sprint Training”,  as these routines are really just as effective on both flat land as well as hills. Routines that’ll have you melting fat within less than 20 seconds max – IF you can last that long the first time you try! Here is where you can get the goodies – –

Table pushups in India

Dear Reader,

I’m typing this from my smartphone – so please excuse typos (more than you’d normally, hehe).

Just got done with an excursion to the local park – and a mini-evening workout – the first evening workout I’ve done here , by the way.

Did some pull-ups and dips. About 50 push-ups. And capped it all off with a few swings up and down the monkey bars – and then of course a few sprints as well.

The pull-ups were done on a slightly less thick bar than I’m used to – but all good. I’ll find a thicker one – and YOU, my friend should find a tip right there in this sentence … and one that I’ve covered ad infinitum, and yet one that constantly needs to be repeated if just for the sheer number of people that routinely and amazingly ignore it.

Felt great, my friend – – and to finish it all off, I figured I’d “finish” off where I started – – with a few pushups – – albeit done differently from what most people would think of doing ’em as.

I did some “table” pushups – which I talk about extensively in 0 Excuses Fitness – and these, my friend are some of the BEST forms of pushups you can do for yourself on a regular basis.

Believe me now and trust me later, just HOLDING this position (in proper form) can give you a workout unto itself – and if you’re the average overweight adult – well – you’ll feel your hips and lower back give way within the space of a few seconds.

If you can knock off around 5-10 of these the first time you try ’em – as well as hold for about 30 seconds or more WITHOUT collapsing, you’re already way, way above the rest of the pack my friend.

And of course, there’s always ways to make things harder – – as evidenced by the picture beneath! I’m using my four year old as added weight – and believe me, even 17 or extra kgs feels TOUGH once you hold for about two minutes or so in perfect form.

So that was my workout for today – sorry – tonight. If you work out today – make it a great one – and make sure to include some table pushups in there as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with table pushups, the REVERSE pushup is another great one that I talk about in 0 Excuses Fitness – – and you can literally weave an ENTIRE workout around just these two exercises, my friend. And folks that have done so for a while have written back raving about the new found lower back and tricep strength they’ve accquired – without doing a single pull-ups.  Without further delay then, push on to the following link and find out what the fuss is all about – –

“You hairy melon”

Dear Reader,

I was invited into a couple of WeChat groups a while ago by a few ladies.

You know what I mean by “groups”, don’t you?

The “phone” (or Wechat) equivalent of Facebook groups etc, and since this one, along with a few others was ALL in Chinese, I didn’t even know what the group was all about – but I accepted the invite as I vaguely (I think) knew one of the ladies (or did I? Not sure, but I think I met her sometime …).

And I started a few casual conversations, mostly about fitness and life in general, much like I do here on my list, but it didn’t seem to generate mucho interest.

OK, no problem,   I thought.

But upon scrutinizing (and translating) the group posts daily I figured out why.

The group was apparently about skin care for females – and WHY these ladies invited me into a group obviously NOT meant for the “ruff and tuff” of the species is beyond me, hehe.

And one fine day upon commenting upon one of the products mentioned in the group I got this response.

“Rahul, your hairy melon use some of the product, can make skin glow better”.

Another one went as follows: “Rahul, you look a little like the Pokemon monster”.

Now, I know not what the Pokemon monster looks like – or if there even IS such a thing, but as I believe I’ve mentioned before, literal Wechat “English-> Chinese” and vice versa tend to be nothing short of absolutely hilarious.

I once messaged a food delivery lady to inquire about food I had ordered a while ago and that did not show up on time and pat came THIS response.

“Hang yo ass on the door!”

Laugh all you like, my friend, but it’s true, and sure enough, I had omitted to check – they had actually “hung” the food on the door knob since I had stepped out for a brief walk.

Anyway, back to melons – hairy or not.

Why do I mention them here?

Well, simply because of THIS reason – melons, in ALL their shapes, forms of guises are by FAR some of the healthiest foods you can partake of – and on a regular basis at that.

If you’re looking for a SUPER nutrient packed food to move things along the “slow and ardous” weight loss path – THIS is IT, my friend.

If you’re looking for a calorie-less ZERO fat nourishing (and hydrating health drink) – 100% natural – well – melons are the way to go, my friend.

And of course, if you’re simply looking to “move things along on the golden throne” (if you get my drift), this’ll do it too, hehe.

I care not if they’re watermelons, musk melons, or even cantaloupes – melons are something ALL of us should include in our diets at some point in the day. I generally eat these for breakfast or after meals – or as a snack – and ALL options are OK.

Now, at this point those of you that have read what I wrote in the Simple and Effective diet must be scratching your chins.

Those of you that have read my daily dispatches on never eating breakfast must be as well.

Well – hold your horses. I’m not “switching sides” all of a sudden. I STAND BY what I’ve said in the past – but by that same token, I’m making a few small changes to my diet these days for reasons not related to fitness (or weight gain – or loss) – and am closely monitoring my energy levels throughout the day as I do so.

Yesterday’s breakfast was eggs and Tabasco. MMMM – yet another super nutritious option provided you go easier on the frying and don’t dump a ton of cheese etc on dem eggs, hehe.

Anyway, so thats today’s tip. Incorporate melons into your diet if at all possible – you’ll be nigh amazed by the benefits that you’ll start to experience almost instantly.

Along with that, always remember and as I’ve stated in all my courses (most, at least) that while nutrition is a very important part of the overall deal, EXERCISE is still king, my friend.

You can eat “healthy” all you like – but without the right form of exercise it will ALL come to naught. That might sound harsh to a lot of you that are weaned on the “it’s 90% diet, 10% exercise” principle, but it’s true, my friend. ‘Tis indeed true.

Jack La Lanne said it best. “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen. Together they form a kingdom”.

Amen to that, my friend – and I’ll close on that “sage” note.

Be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The very best exercise System you can follow – – a 100% natural and RESULTS inducing, BLUBBER roasting fitness System that you can partake of right in you rliving room after reading  this  – – is right HERE – –

P.S. #2 – So says the man with the hairy melon.


Scrumplicious “health” food

Dear Reader,

Oh my. I had one of the best meals of my life yesterday in a little joint here in Northern India – or should I say Southern Delhi to be specific.

Though (and as most of you know) I ended my long sojourn in China a week or so ago (and don’t currently have any plans of returning) – it seems “China” hasn’t left me, and for whatever reason, we ended up at a little Tibetan restaurant on Friday afternoon, and what a meal it was.

I’ll say that again – WHAT a meal it was!

We had the following –

2 “combo” meals (which consisted of shredded lamb, chicken soup, and rice – with veggies etc).

Another bowl of “thupka” – apparently a Tibetan delicacy and one I had NOT tried until yet – so we figured we’d give it a shot. And what a shot it was – it was basically spicy soup and noodles with shredded chicken …

Was an absolutely delicious meal – and most of all – HEALTHY. Eating like that doesn’t add a lick of fat to your waistline, my friend – and if there’s ONE thing I can recommend in today’s email – it’s this – eat as much lamb as you can.

The Chinese have this belief that eating lamb strengthens the kidneys and warms the body. How true this is I don’t know, but I DO know that I’ve partook of lamb in a regular basis both in China and in India – and have felt like a billion bucks after eating it.

Each and every time guaranteed.

Anyway, pictures are worth a billion words – and without further ado – HERE are some pictures posted on our Instagram account –

I’ll be posting more and more on this account as we go along – so stay tuned! 

Ok – that’s it for now. If you workout today make it an AWESOME one – and make sure to follow up with some GREAT – and nutritious food after that!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to mention a corpulent family of four that ordered heapfuls of food that would be fit to feed an army of starving people – or perhaps 25 more “corpulentos”. The girl sitting at the table was literally “exploding out of her clothes” if you get my drift. Lard flowing everywhere. Ugggggggghhhhhh. Sad part is, this is WAY more common than you’d think – both in Asia and elsewhere these days. Gone are the days where Asia was supposed to be one of the healthiest places in the world …

Good news – YOU don’t need to resign yourself to “lard lump” status. You CAN partake of delicious tasty meals on a regular basis – and NOT put on a lick of fat. The key here is the right exercise routine, my friend – and THAT is described right here – – 

Grab it now – and make sure to tear open your copy of the Simple and Effective Diet as well – – thrown in as a FREEEEE bonus!

37 year old “grows taller”

Dear Reader,

One of the comments my wife made to me when I returned from China made my jaw literally drop with amazement.

“You’ve become taller, haven’t you”?

I passed this off as a casual “joke”. After all, who on earth at the age of 37 becomes “taller”?

Bigger? Yes. Stronger? Definitely – if you do the RIGHT things.

And of course, fatter – again, a resounding yes – if you do the “right” things to get fat, hehe.

But taller? That didn’t quite fly.

But yet, that comment struck me as being odd – one of those comments that you initially dismiss, but one of those that “sticks in your subconscious” as it were – if just for the sheer truth emanating from it (a truth albeit not “acknowledged” consciously).

I stood “toe to toe” with  my wife, and thought about it for a fleeting instant – and though all seemed same on the outside – something was different. It DID seem like I was a wee bit taller, but my “rational” mind dismissed this as bunk.

A couple of days later,  I heard it again – from my wife – but it was NOT her saying this.

“The cleaning lady we hired remembers you! And she said you’ve gotten taller”.

“Huh?? For real??”

Apparently so, my friend. Apparently so, and the cleaning lady was NOT the last one that made the comment.

Now when I say taller, I do NOT mean “several inches taller”. I mean probably half an inch or so at most – but the “appearance” I’m giving off is that of being significantly taller, and upon analyzing this -it’s actually simple.

First off, I do a ton of pull-ups in my daily routines. I’ve spoken about the numerous benefits of pull-ups in my emails – but what I haven’t really touched upon is their amazing ability to add on inches (and muscle) to teenage frames if you do ’em regularly and the RIGHT way.

Make no mistake about it – doing them the RIGHT way is crucial – especially if you’re looking to add on inches, and if a teenage boy can end up being a two to three inches taller as an adult due to doing these, it does NOT seem inconceivable that an adult may add on a few cms as well – if just in terms of proper posture etc.

Pull-ups, my friend, build the ENTIRE upper body – and not only build ferocious “ape like” levels of gripping strength and power throughout the entire upper body – but they also do far more than that.

They improve your posture beyond  belief. They give you abs that look like they’ve carved out of rebar. They give you that “chest out” look – and when you do ’em with pushups – especially handstand pushups and the advanced stuff – well – watch out, my friend.

You’ll be looking like the human version of King Kong in NO time at all, and a TALLER one at that.

So today’s tip, you ask?

Well, simple.

Get good at the basics and then get cracking asap on the pull-ups, my friend. They’re that darn important – and yes – they ARE something you SHOULD include in your daily routine without exception.

Last, but not least, what if you’re currently in the ranks of those that are unable to even hold on to the bar – let alone pound out ONE pull-up?

Well, you’re not alone. The vast majority of adult men out there cannot do a single pull-up even if it were to save their life, and though that might come across as somewhat abrasive, ’tis indeed true.

Good news is, you don’t have to be stuck in that category for long.

My courses on pull-ups – – specifically “Pull-ups –  from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS” has been getting folks from 0 pull-ups to 10 at one go – and way, way beyond my friend. Way beyond.

And if you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy right HERE. Right now, my friend.

Who knows. You might just get comments like I’m getting now down the road as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Though the initial course on pull-ups I mentioned above is GOOD – – there is more, my friend. And most of the comments I’m getting in the above regard are coming because of the workouts I partake of on a regular basis. Workouts taken straight from my ADVANCED course on pull-ups – available right HERE – Grab ’em both while you can – it’s an offer you do NOT want to miss, my friend.

P.S. #2 – Gautam, a customer from India (in his own words) wanted to “desperately get better at pull-ups” but didn’t know how to. What happened after he bought my course (this BEFORE I updated it, mind you!)? Well, his testimonial at the end of the page says it all. Read it yourself, and find out!

Designated junk food day

Dear Reader,

I’m on the clock here. Got about 15 minute or so before I gotta make a quick dash to drop my daughter off to school.

Last day before the holidays, and apparently there’ll be a farewell party of sorts – – and of course, if my little girl is late, guess whose fault it is, hehe.

Anyway, last night I saw my wife packing up a bunch of goodies in my daughter’s tiny little lunch box.

Chocolates. Candy. Sugar coated biscuits. Cream biscuits – in short, all those “yummy treats” that little kids love – and that adults gorge on on a regular basis as well though they shouldn’t be.

‘Twas kind of amazing, since I thought my wife was, for the most part against stuffing kids to the gourd with junk food (as opposed to a lot of other parents out there who, again, amazingly enough seem to have little or no problem with it).

What was going on?

“Papa! It’s my junk food day tomorrow!” my  little girl piped up in the background.

“Huh? You mean at home?”

“No, not at home”, my wife responded. And she went on to explain that their school apparently has a “designated” junk food day – that being Friday – where the kids can officially gorge all they like before returning to healthier diets (in theory, at least, hehe).

And I actually agree with this concept.

In the Simple And Effective Diet, I wrote that if you do the right thing 99% of the time – your body will forgive you for the occasional indulgence.

In fact, human nature dictates its it’s nigh impossible to stay on the “straight and narrow” permanently for any length of time – and allowing yourself a day (or certain times during the week) to stuff your gourd with forbidden delicacies before “getting back on the stick” is a GOOD idea – because you aren’t depriving yourself of anything.

Regardless, there are SO many better days we could have in the week – for adults, mind you. Not kids.

How about a “0 Excuses Fitness” day – at least three times a week, preferable DAILY?

How about a “100 pushups a day” – at least FIVE times a week – done early in the morning in place of coffee and soggy, mushy (and “squishy” as my little one says) doughnuts?

How about a “sprint day” – done perhaps on Friday before your cheat days?

As adults, we need THESE days far, far more than designated junk food days anyway, my friend. Most adults stuff their gourds all week long with foods they should NOT be eating anyway – and there’s no real need for a “designated” day to do so.

Anyway, I’m off for the nonce. My daughter is crying, and the wife is agitated – and it’s all my fault, hehe.

Back again later – in the meantime – make SURE to make today YOUR 0 Excuses Fitness day as well.

NO excuses – write back and tell me how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I asked my buddy from the Marines to do me “one last favor” before I left China. Can you guess what it was? I’ll give you a hint – it’s got something to do with African silverback gorillas – – minus the chest thumping of course, hehe. See if you can guess right!

P.S. #2 – By the way, if you haven’t checked out my ADVANCED course on gripping – a course that blows the initial bestselling Gorilla Grip right out of the water – do so NOW and do so right here – – 

P.P.S # – 11:02 minutes. I’m out.

A tumultous last few days

Dear Reader,

Well, well, WELL. If you’re wondering about the recent “lack of radio communication” from 0 Excuses HQ, I understand fully.

It’s been a tumultous last couple of days – – and the events that took place are as follows – – me leaving China (something I’ve written about and referenced in the last few posts) – – a place I’ve been for a LONG time, and leaving (of course) my beloved workout park behind as well, “reuniting” after a longish break of sorts with family, and much more.

Key thing to note though that when it happened, it ALL happened in the blink of an eye – so quickly that I couldn’t even say hallejulah. Everything lined up perfectly from the traffic to the final “grab” off the luggage carousel – almost as if it was pre-ordained that May 15, 2018 was the date my trip would occur.

And JUST like it happened in a dream that I experienced around November (end of Nov) if I recall correctly – I was literally GRABBED by a current of FAST moving energy – and before I knew it, I was at my destination – that being India.

Anyway, esoterism aside, it’ll be my home for now – and I should be here for the foreseeable future.

And fitness wise, you’d think that the change of diet, and travel etc would have left me in bad condition upon getting here – and by that I don’t mean physically- I mean mentally as well.

Not a chance, my friend. Although conditions here are very different from what I’m used to in China – my current conditioning levels allow me to adapt seamlessly – with far less “jet lag” or “travel sickness” or anything of that nature that a lot of folks experience.

Anyway, one of the first things I did this morning after dropping my daughter off to school was to scout out potential workout spots – and I spotted a park I’ve been to in the past right along the way.

Perfect place to workout – and do some sprints – – or even crank out some 0 Excuses Fitness stuff right there in the fresh morning air, hehe.

Stay tuned on that one – I’ll be updating you regularly as I did back when I was in China – and there should be plenty of interesting stuff to report from the “land of the spiritual” as it were!

Oh and if you think it’s been a relaxing time thus far (the last couple of days) – well – YES – and NO.

If you’re talking fitness – try keeping up with a sprightly young 4 year old hell bent on wreaking havoc all over the house, hehe.

Most adults – and I’m talking those in GOOD conditioning – could use a lesson or two in terms of stamina and conditioning from young kids – and if you don’t believe me – well – just do what I said above and try keeping up with any kid below the age of 5 or so that hasn’t been raised on a diet of Micky D’s and dumbphones. You’ll see what I mean!

Part of the key to this is the way young kids breathe – which is NATURALLY. From the abdomen as opposed to the chest. Deep inhales and deep exhales – all done WITHOUT thinking about it – and exactly as I’ve described in the System.

And of course, natural movements that kids do naturally for fun without even thinking of it as exercise.

The bear crawl (a favorite of my daughter). The duck waddle. Alligator crawls. And plenty of other good stuff that the average pot bellied adult would do good to even HOLD position in, let alone crank out reps etc for any length of time.

I’ve described plenty of such blubber roasting movements in Advanced Hill Training – and YES – you CAN – and SHOULD incorporate these into your daily routine regardless of whether you’ve got a hill in close proximity or not. I sure will, although I don’t currently have a hill near to me as I did in China!

Alright, my friend – that’s it for now. I’m off to shake my hands out and recover from the pounding they’ve been through while opening the top of the filter in the water dispenser back home. Golly now THAT was a tough ‘un to unscrew!!!



P.S. – Stay tuned for more updates, and my “India specific” workouts as it were!

P.S #2 – If you haven’t already, grab YOUR copy of 0 Excuses Fitness right HERE – –


NO peak is insurmountable

Dear Reader,

Mountains anywhere in the world, without exception, are the most awe inspiring and healthy places to visit – bar none.

Beaches and the ocean rank a distant second in my opinion – – because these, by the very nature of being “more readily accessible” to all and sundry have ended up becoming way too crowded and polluted in many regards.

Unless we’re talking Northern Darwin in Oz, of course, where it’s just you and the salties – and an occasional skeleton for company, but I rather doubt that would be the best place to set tent down and hope for a “tranquil” vacation by the sea side …

Anyway, the Indian Himalayas (which I referenced in my last post) in my opinion are by FAR the most awe inspiring out of ALL the most awe inspiring mountain ranges in the world. Not only that, those that have been there and experienced the place will know the sheer sense of tranquility and “peace” that seeps into you the minute you climb into the foothills and start either driving/walking on the meandering roads that cling (sometimes precariously so) to the mighty hills.

Note – – when I’m saying “experience”, I mean on foot – as opposed to what a lot of lunatics do which is to basically drive through the entire trip without setting foot outdoors even once for the most part (unless we’re talking restaurant – or the porcelain throne – or the couch – and YES, there ARE people who classify a “relaxing holiday in the hills” as “sitting on the couch and watching cable TV).

Ludicrous as that last bit might sound, it’s true. I mean, who in their right minds would visit the Himalayas and not even so much as take a walk around?

The fresh air – the Nature – the scenery – and the sheer PEACE of this place is unparalleled in the entire world, my friend – and the Himalayas are well worth at least ONE – – if not TWO — or more visits in YOUR lifetime as well.

Anyway, I seem to be deviating from the topic at hand. What was that …

Ah yes. One of our (my family and me) pet favorites, if not THE most favorite place to visit in the Indian Himalayas is Khajjiar – – an extremely scenic spot around 7000 or so meters about sea level if I’ve got it right – – and a spot that has been nicknamed the “Switzerland of India”.

We fell in love with this place the first time we visited in 2012 – – and sure enough, ended up  back there another five or so years later, specifically in April 2017 – – and much like the China experience I wrote about the last time, this was NOT planned.

It just happened – and of course, my daughter loved every minute of the trip/adventure.

And one of the first things she said, and kept on saying throughout the entire trip (upon encountering one hill upon another) was “Can I climb those Daddy”?

“Of course you can sweetie”.

“But they’re so high!”

“So what? You tackle it one step at a time – – and you’ll get to the top in no time!”

“But it’s so tall!”

“No problem, Barb! We’ll do it together – one step at a time … ”

And so forth. Kids have an insanely cute way of repeating the same thing many times, and my daughter clung on to her “it’s too tall” mantra until we arrived at our destination and promptly made our way up a steep hillside.

Now, mind you, this is NOT Qi Feng we’re talking about that has been well touched by “modernity” in the form of steps, easy routes, tough routes and so forth.

We were basically climbing through the brush – the light jungle, if I might say so – on foot – sometimes on all fours, and it was a sight indeed to behold my three year old (at the time) actually leading the way, “stick” in hand for support, ploughing through the country with all the determination of a charging rhinoceros bottled up in a three year old’s body.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad was it Barbara” I remarked once we made it to the top of one hill, came upon a meadow, and started upon another.

“Yay! We DID IT, Papa!” … followed by joyful cheers from my three year old who finally DID come to agree that the hill, though it looked tough, was NOT insurmountable by any means.

And how does this apply to fitness – or life in general?

Well, simple – when you’re faced with a problem that looks utterly impossible to solve – or insurmountable, if I  might say so, BREAK it down into “man sized” bits.

In other words, remember the old saying “eat a bear at a time”.

Above all that though, remember that the problem – or hill – CAN be conquered.

If you’re currently about 50-60 kgs overweight, and the idea of doing 100 – or even 10 – pushups seems ludicrous and an obstacle you CANNOT surmount, well, think again. Think several times – and think like a 3 year old would in this case.

If you’ve never done a pull-up in your life, and have been unable to do a single one as a teen or an adult – chances are you think progressing to more than 5 reps at a time – or more than 25 total reps in a workout is an utter impossibility – let alone more rarefied numbers.

But you’re wrong, my friend. You’re wrong. My book “Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD – – within a few WEEKS” HAS indeed gotten folks from “dud” to “stud” level at pull-ups – – and that’s not even the advanced course, which contains workout that would kick even the most advanced trainees on their rump within a minute or so of doing the routines mentioned therein.

The MOST useful part of the book tho IMO is NOT the actual part where I detail how to do pull-ups correctly.

NO – it is in the sections that precede this part. Where I talk about the mental side of things. Gumption. Determination. And above all, my OWN personal experience with getting my own pull-ups from a measly 20 or so per workout to well above 100 /workout (and this when I was already in good shape, mind you).

The main thing to remember though is this – whatever your fitness related (or life) goals are – chances are they are DOABLE – if you BELIEVE they are doable – and if you get the right guidance.

I can’t magically change the belief part for you, but I CAN give you the right guidance, my friend.

And believe me – when you implement what I teach in my courses – you’ll skyrocket yourself along to your goals of super health and fitness in record time.

Start right here today.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll be doing a post on “Manki point” – – an extremely short – – but TOUGH climb in the Himalays (or so it felt to me back then) shortly. Be on the outlook for it!


Qi Feng Park, Dongguan

Dear Reader,

Today’s post might appear to be off topic. Not about fitness – or anything in particular for that matter.

But it is, my friend. It is. In fact, read carefully enough – and you might find a lesson or two – or several embedded somewhere deep inside this “stream of consciousness” email I’m sending you right now.

Flash back – – Around 3:00 P.M. on a Saturday evening in 2004. ‘Twas the first time I had been introduced to this park – by a then girl friend of mine, and funnily enough that was the first time I had ever noticed it – let alone BEEN there – despite living but a stone’s throw away from the place.

‘Tis funny but true. Often times the most valuable resources – or people – are right there in front of us staring us in the eye – and we blithely ignore ’em. It’s human nature to ignore – or take for granted – until it either gets taken away or otherwise “lost”.

Anyway, that was the first time I clambered up the mighty Qi Feng hill – a climb that kicked me in the can not just for that day – but for at least two days after. I’ve written in the past that it felt like a Mack Truck ran over me that first evening – but wrecking machine would probably be a more apt descriptor, hehe.

–> 2005 –> October 11 or so I think it was, when this foreign devil was all alone in the park on a Thursday (I believe) morning.

‘Twas a blistering hot and humid day – so hot that each breath felt like I was breathing in FIRE into my lungs. Granted, part of this was that I wasn’t anywhere near in the shape I am NOW – the same climbs and sprints in the same temperatures don’t feel near as tough – but still, it was a hot, hot day – so hot that even the birds seemed to have stopped chirping in the trees and taken a siesta.

I stood at the gateway of that park and bade it goodbye as I prepared to walk away to “new lands” – – but something stopped me.

SOMETHING struck deep, deep at my heart. And I paused, taking a look back, and the words just came out.

“I’ll be back. I promise”.

Years later, this same foreign devil was back at that SAME place – and even more years later, 2013 to be exact, he was back YET again in a far “bigger” avatar if you get my drift.

We are who we are, my friend. Try as we might, we cannot outrun two things – 1) our self image and 2) our deepest desires.

I had NO inkling – or even plans of returning to China in 2005, and yet here I am, all these years later  …. through certain “twists” and turns that took place in my life WITHOUT me consciously trying to make said twists happen.

–> 2018, May 14, 2:00 P.M. or so. This same foreign devil bade goodbye to the park yet again – and yet again, the same words came out – with two additional words – or four, to be precise, I think.

“I’ll be back, I promise – but with my daughter. Thank you, Qi Feng. Thank you!”.

And being my daughter climbed her first real hill at the age of 3 – – that too in the mighty Himalayas, I doubt this one would pose any “troubles” for her. More on that in the next email tho!

You might be wondering why I “thank” this place?

Well, its HERE that the fitness bug really struck me, my friend – way, way back in 2004.

Though I swam and played tennis ever since I was young (two activities I haven’t been doing much of as of late) – – I was never really a fitness buff until I was introduced to this hill.

ALL my products have been created after super workouts either here or in my living room – – but believe it or not, I’ve done plenty of living room 0 Excuses Workouts right out there in the park as well.

There are few places in the world other than the Indian Himalayas (look for more on this in the next post) which have provided me with as much peace of mind and equanimity – – not to mention AWESOME workouts – – than this park, my friend.

And it is with a great sense of gratitude that I utter the words – thank you, Qi Feng.

Thank you for being there for me, and putting me through ball busters daily. Thank you for being ONE of the VERY few places in the world where I can relax – workout – and LET IT ALL GO.

Thank you for – well … Thank you for “materializing” into my life way back in 2004!

And this rather lengthy dispatch wouldn’t be complete without a few special mentions. Here, in no particular order they are – –

The old man in China I met here who climbs this hill on a daily basis. I’ve mentioned him before, and I’ll say it again – – he is indeed an inspiration, and I think of him many a times when putting myself through what might seem like “torturous” routines.

The guys who workout with me – even the pumpers and toners, hehe. Though my Chinese is rusty at best, and their English about at the same level, language often isn’t required. Workouts can and do often form bonds that last a lifetime WITHOUT uttering a single full sentence.

The security at the park – specifically, the one guy who does dips in a rather “interesting” manner, and one whom I’ve mentioned before on the old site as well.  And those that so kindly took the pictures for Advanced Hill Training – – a product created right in the “mayhem” of the 2018 Lunar New Year holidays as it were.

And so forth.

Today’s workout was a  great, great one – and I almost had to drag myself away from the scorching heat and humidity when it was all over. Might sound strange, but the heat didn’t even bother me today.

As I proceeded through my workouts, certain Chinese songs came on on the public announcement systems in the park, and each of them seemed to mirror my emotions at that point EXACTLY.

I cruised through my workout – – yet I did so in “super slow” motion, taking in every detail around me. Every noise. The birds singing. The kids playing behind me. The moms spraying anti mosquito repellant on said toddler’s legs. And so forth …

I didn’t see the old man today, but he’s soldiering up that hill right now, my friend – as I write this to you. ‘Tis about 2:30 P.M. , and the sun is blazing out full force, but he’s a tough dude – and lets nothing come in between him and his daily climb!

Thank you to all these people – and you, Qi Feng San (mountain) once again for making all this possible.

Thank you for being there “in spirit” for yet another most interesting, REWARDING, and yet tumultuous period in my life.

And thank you for the workout today – as I head on to what promises to be an even more rewarding phase in my life, I’ll have you in mind – and I’ll do so all my life – and so will my little girl when she visits for the first time.

I don’t know when – – but it’ll happen.

Last, but not least, a HUGE thank YOU to all of YOU reading this, my friends. My apologies again for the extra long “outburst” here, but it is what it is, and sometimes you just gotta say things for what they are (as if I don’t already, hehe).

Zai Jian (Goodbye) for now,

Mou Hua The” a.k.a Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention some of the EXACT same workouts I did on that hill – and that whopped my butt into super duper shape ultra quick at the end of the book, and you owe it to yourself to take a look at it, my friend. Truly inspiring, even if I say so myself! Here is the entire System for your perusal – –

P.S. #2 – – Be on the outlook for several new products coming out shortly. The first in line is a handstand pushup video which I SHOULD (touchwood) have done by next week and will put it online shortly thereafter. Be on the outlook for it!

Flat land sprints – or hill sprints?

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk a bit about a topic a LOT of readers will be interested in. In fact, I’ve received several inquiries about this not just from customers and the like, but also folks in general.

Sprints, for whatever reason lend themselves to a topic of interest to most people – – and even the “bros” and “gym rats” ‘s ears seem to perk up that little extra bit when they hear of sprints – – and why not?

Though all bodyweight exercises – – especially the advanced ones are worthy of awe and admiration – – nothing, I repeat, nothing – – quite beats the sheer spectacle of a sprinter sprinting FLAT out.

Going ALL out – be it on hills or on flat terrain!

NOTHING quite compares to the image that indelibly imprints itself in your mind – – either when you see someone doing these – – or the image of “yourself” doing it (if you’re doing them).

Anyway, my answer to the inevitable “which one is better” might surprise you.

I’ll start off by saying they’re BOTH awesome movements – – and both are advanced workouts. You do NOT want to sprint off a lengthy hiatus from exercise – – or a perch on the ole couch – – and jump straight into doing’em. No way.

And they’re BOTH excellent tools for fat loss and building muscle in the quickest amount of time possible.

That’s why sprints are included in ALL the routines in Advanced Hill Training, by the way – – a manual which is an absolute must-grab if you’re interested in losing fat in record time – and keeping said blubber off permanently.

Now, which is better?

Well, it depends upon your personal situation – – but as of late, I’ve been leaning more towards land sprints, my friend.

This might surprise you given that hill sprints are what most people (myself included) have often spoken off as being one of the toughest exercises you can do – – bar none – – and there’s good reason behind that as well.

Make no mistake – – hill sprints are hard, hard work – – and they WILL get the heart roaring and they WILL keep the blubber burning factory inside of you at work overtime as well.

But land sprints are a different beast altogether, and in a different way. And I choose land sprints these days because of this – – hills simply do NOT allow you to reach your absolute MAXIMUM speed – – and maintain that for more than a few seconds.

Neither do land sprints, of course, but the time you can maintain your max intensity is a LOT higher due to the flat land.

Does this make it EASIER though?

Not a chance, my friend. There’s a reason why Olympic sprints are done on FLAT land as opposed to hilly terrain or slopes ….

No – it does NOT make it any easier, and what’s more – land sprints work the hamstrings (that large and often ignored muscle at the back of your legs) a LOT more than hill sprints do – – provided of course you’re cranking that sprint up to max intensity.

Now, and again, don’t get me wrong. I highly recommend hill sprints in both 0 Excuses Fitness and Advanced Hill Training, and truth be told, it’s probably actually better to start off with jogging up hill than sprinting on land – – simply because the hill doesn’t let you get to a point where you can injure your ankles or hamstrings – – or worse.

But once you get GOOD at sprinting, you’ll naturally want to gravitate onto flat land and sprint more often – -and believe me now and trust me later, the fat benefits will be the same if not even better in certain regards.

Not to mention the mental effects. I just got done with 70% intensity sprints (as part of an overall workout) and everything be alllll goooood, my friend. All good in the hood – – and I seem to buzzing on ALL cylinders now and more!

So thats it for today. If you’re at a level where you can incorporate sprints into your routine – do so – and do BOTH types of sprints on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed at the sheer transformation that takes place thereafter!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you’re amongst those that for whatever reason haven’t grabbed 0 Excuses Fitness as yet, what are you waiting for, my friend? Doesn’t ever do any good to “postpone the inevitable” – or procrastinate when it comes to your health and fitness. Sprint on over NOW to grab your copy – –

P.S. #1 – – And once you’re done, don’t forget to pick up Advanced Hill Training as well right here – –