The best things in life are free

Dear reader,

Woke up this morning with a sense of bonhomie and “joie de viore” (however that’s spelt, hehe) – and bounced straight outta bed, ready to begin my day – and it’ll be a BUSY day – thats for sure!

First order of the day will be tending to emails etc – then my workout – then a day long jaunt to the “Kong” (which as and of itself is a workout of sorts, hehe) – and then some more stuff to do after I return.

Fri isn’t shaping up to be any less busy either by the looks of it.

Anyway, I started my day with some simple things that I do – that take me but a minute or so of my time – but set me up for the rest of the day.

What are these?

Well, you already know ONE of them. Visualization – and seeing myself accomplish what I want to accomplish during the day is of course one.

Something I often do upon waking up in the morning is feed the fishes in the pond we have in our apartment complex. I’ll often go for a short walk also and feed the pigeons and other birds “brave” enough to fly into this concrete jungle that I live in right now in Southern China, hehe.

Small things – but again – they infuse me with this GOOD feeling – this feeling of having done something for other forms of life … and I don’t know why, but all of this combined imparts me with a double dose of enthusiasm and “vitality” – way more so than any strong espresso coffee would (not that I drink coffee anyway).

Best part – they’re all free, my friend.

And the same thing holds true for fitness and life in general.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods when it comes to fitness – and now it’s time to TAKE that bill BACK.

We’ve been told we need to buy weights – weight racks – squat stands – trap bars – and the like to develop our muscles and build strength, and yet, truth be told, while those are all options, the best muscle building tool you have is FREE – and right there with you right now – your OWN BODY.

We’ve been told we need to pound the pavement or hit the treadmill (cappucino in hand, Tee Veeeee in front, go figure, ugh)  to shed flab, but it’s NOT required. The best ways to lose flab are workouts of the sort I recommend in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – as well as the Advanced Hill Training System (which can just as easily be ported over to land) – – and NO equipment is required.

Not only cash – but the time as well, my friend. Think about the amount of time the average person spends stuck in traffic after returning home from work – and then the time required to jump back in the car, head on to the gym, change clothes, wait for the machines to be available, yak a bit with the “bros” at the gym, and then the entire process in reverse again.

Fooeeeeyyyy. I’d rather do 15-30 minute intense workouts in my  living room – and then complement all that with some pull-ups or some roadwork if I have the time or so desire.

Makes me feel like a trillion bucks – which is what I’m feeling like right now!

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. The best things in life are free – or come at a very minimal cost indeed. Ponder that as you sip your morning coffee, afternoon latte, or “cold one” (depending upon which time zone you’re in!).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Something else that is completely FREEEEE – and that will make you buzzz like never before if done right is deep breathing, my friend. I extoll the virtues of deep breathing in almost every post, and very deservedly so. Find out the right way to do this in the System right here – –

Expert “Schmexpert”

Dear reader,

Something I forgot to mention in yesterday’s email – or I believe I did mention it was the “they said so” part followed by a sheepish downward glance.

Well, while I’m NOT going to get into what I already covered yesterday, what I DO want to cover today is something that will likely be of interest to most, if not all, readers, so listen up.

This guy was referring to “the experts” when he said “they”.

The experts. Those that spend hours on online forums debating the why’s and wherefore’s of something but never actually doing it.

The experts. Those that mindlessly regurgitate “facts” (or twisted facts) from medical dictionaries or encyclopedias without bothering to even listen to what the other person is saying.

And so forth.

First thing you know, my friend, it’s rare that anyone ever achieves “expert” status in anything anyone does. There are ALWAYS areas to improve upon – and the minute you sit back on your duff to “rest on your laurels” is the minute you start going downhill.

I state very categorically in the 0 Excuses Fitness System that few people will ever master the pushup – or even one of it’s variants in their lifetime – let alone the plethora of different styles covered, and it’s no exaggeration.

I’ve no doubts that Jack La Lanne, he who mastered the “extended arms” pushup I teach in the System would say the exact same thing, despite having performed feats of strength that the average man cannot even begin to conceive – let alone imagine – or DO.

Ditto for the Gama. The Mighty Atom, and so forth.

And there’s more,my friend. There is MORE.  And more here is this – listening to the so called experts – or “schmexperts” as I like to call ’em is NOT always the most prudent or practical of actions to take.

Let’s take, for example, the medical “experts” that rail against bridges as being harmful (as well as reverse pushups). Apparently these activities “compress” the spine and are not “natural” movements.

Huh?? Ever walk into a chiropractor’s office? If so, take a look at the skeleton and the natural curvature of the spine – and then compare the dynamics of the movement to what occurs in the exercises I just described – and then tell me.

Bridging if anything is one of the most natural – and beneficial things you can do for your spine,  my friend. Sure, your chiro may make less money due to less trips made to his office – but I’d hardly be spilling any tears over that if I had chronic back pain I wanted to get rid of (and a lot of folks do).

Ditto for Hindu squats, which the “experts” say are bad for the knees. Absolute tosh – and believe it or not, there has NEVER – EVER – been any sort of study concluded that says this sort of repetitive squatting is bad for the knees. So much for “modern” science.

Or those that claim that handstand pushups are bad for the shoulders and extoll the virtues (not) of one of the worst exercises out there for the shoulders – the “mighty” (NOT) bench press. Uggggggh.

But why just stop at exercise. Let’s look at diet.

Would you, for instance, believe me if I told you the vast majority of my diet is currently made up for RICE – which is seemingly one of the main thing the “experts” rail against in terms of not being able to lose weight?

Or, that I have a few beers every now and then without gaining a lick of extra poundage?

Or, and perhaps most amazingly, my first meal of the day is sometimes late in the evening – and the second late at night?

Key thing to remember here, my friend – is this – not ALL advice given out is wrong or silly, but a lot of it out there IS. In fact, a lot of folks who rail against the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises are likely those who’ve never really gotten down to brass tacks and actually DONE what they are discussing about – let alone experience it.

Moral of the story – do what works for YOU within reasonable limits. More importantly, keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. You’ll be surprised at the progress you make – in ALL areas of your life, my friend.

Last, but not least, you do NOT need to get to expert status at any of the exercises I do and promote. No. You can glean all the benefits and then some by joining the ranks of the “experienced” – and the first step to doing that lies right HERE, my friend – –

Keep an open mind – DO – and do so with HEART – and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I had an “expert” in the park recently tell me that pull-ups done with full extension are “bad for the shoulders” and apparently “kipping” (one of the worst things you can do for yourself by the way) is the way to go to achieve higher reps. I wanted to take him by the “scruff” of his neck and pull him around a few times around the chinning bars to see if that would spin any sense into him but whats the point eh? No point leading those who prefer remaining intentionally blind …

P.S. #2 – Yes, I cover pull-ups as well in my courses right HERE – –

  1. Pull-ups – from DUD – to STUD within a few weeks 
  2. Pull-ups – from STUD – to SUPER STUD within weeks

Drop the excuses, my friend

Dear Reader,

Heads up, all. What I’m about to say and the way I’m going to say ain’t gonna sound nice at all, but it has to be said.

This email might come across as somewhat offensive to certain people – it is even more direct and unadulterated “pure” Rahul Mookerjee than what you get normally, so if that’s your cup of tea, mug of beer, or tub of Java, well – strap in – buckle in – and lets get straight to it.

Modern day man (or woman), my friend has turned into a sorry, pathetic, sniveling excuse of what Mother Nature intended him/her to be – and none more so than when it comes to the fitness and staying in shape.

By this I’m not just referring to the slothfulness and couch potato tendencies of the vast majority of folks out there – but more the practice of making – and perfecting the process of doing so – EXCUSES galore.

In the 0 Excuses System book I’ve written that the main problem plaguing modern day man in terms of fitness is not so much lack of knowledge and equipment – but the tendency to make EXCUSES.

Not only that – modern day man seems to “mournfully” delight in finding 1000 ways of questioning “why” something won’t work as opposed to considering the fact that hey – it just might work.

Case in point being a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few moons ago.

This guy never gets back to me when I message or text him – and when he does it’s usually with an emoticon or some such “shortcut” that completely either ignores or bypasses what I asked / said in the first place.

Now, don’t get me wrong. He’s a great guy, and a good friend of mine – but what has to be said has to be said and I’m saying it.

He’s apparently “too busy” to get back. Yeah. Ok. Right ….

Anyhow, we got to talking about fitness when we last met.

“Oh, I wish I could do that now but I’m too busy to train!”

“No you’re not buddy. Get real. We ALL have time to train”.

*glower* “I really don’t Rahul. Believe me”

“Well, how much time can you spare in a day?”

“No more than half an hour, my friend. No more than that”.

“Well, what if I told you you could get supremely fit in 15 minutes or less with the routines I just described to you in my book” (he’s got a copy of my book).



“I haven’t found the time to read it as yet, and (looking at me in a self conscious manner) …”

“But it’s been months since I gave you the book …”

Anyway, that was the general gist of the conversation. This gentleman then went on to explain to me (or tell me) that he couldn’t do squats (apparently a bad knee) – couldn’t do bridges or reverse movements (lower back issues) – and didn’t have time to train.

I told him that those exercises were the very thing he needed, but he shook his head mournfully, and indicated that they wouldn’t work – apparently because “they said it wouldn’t work”.

Whose they, I asked.

“Well, uh … people say”.

And so forth, and after some time we switched the topic of conversation – and thankfully so as I was gettting as agitated as  a cat on hot bricks after listening to this litany of excuses.

This same person who “has no time” amazingly enough finds time to watch videos on his smartphone – chat away nineteen to the dozen – and update his facebook stream with all the latest going ons in his “busy life” (which usually extend to no more than selfies of himself and his dog, and what he ate for lunch/dinner).

He also finds time to keep himself updated on the shennanigans going on in the White House, the latest sitcom, Bart Simpson, why the neighbor’s dog ran off with the cat, and so forth.

And yet, he can’t find the 15 minutes or less required to exercise?

Case in point my friend – that being of the modern day man having turned into the exact opposite of what Nature intended him to be.

And just so I keep it gender neutral, women are just as guilty of the above as men are. I’ve spoken to women that say the exact same thing and yet have enough time to yak away nineteen to the dozen on their phones while getting coffiuered (sp?), manicured, pedicured, and lathered in all sorts of nasty “skin care” thingies.

True, there ARE cases where people can’t do squats.

Ok, fine. How about rope jumping? Walking a mile a day? Swimming? Pushups? Bear crawls?

OK, so perhaps you’ve really got a lower back issue that makes it impossible to do bridges – although I WILL say this – bridges CURE lower back pain and problems as opposed to the modern day “wisdom” (blah) of “adding to it”.

What utter bunk. I’ve trained people with lower back pain, and have literally seen their back pain VANISH within a week or so of bridging, pull-ups and certain other exercises I had ’em do.

As for time – sure, we’re all busy – but if you’ve got time aplenty to update your Face book moments, or to inform the world in general about what you ate for lunch – or to post a picture of your cat – well, then you’ve got time to train, my friend. ‘Tis as simple as that.

My sprint workout that I wrote about yesterday probably took less than 15 minutes in all, and that was including rest periods, hard as that may sound to believe.

Closer to home, you can do a 100 Hindu squats in 4 minutes or less – a tremendous workout as and of in itself. Or, as I’ve done before – 8 minute 250 squat workouts followed by 5 minutes of pushups.

So drop the excuses TODAY, my friend. There’s never a better time to invest in yourself than NOW – and you can do so right here – –

Crack open the System – devour the book – grab an eyeful of the videos – and then get STARTED TODAY my friend – with smartphone at your side if you so choose.

I look forward to hearing of your progress – and ZERO excuses being made as you do so.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the “silent minority” that have borne with me thus far and are nodding your head in agreement – I stand up and SALUTE you for being part of the few that keep it real even in this gentrified molly coddled sugar coated world we live in.

P.S. #2  – Last, but not least, remember that form is paramount on all of this. You do need to know how to perform these exercises correctly before you go out and do ’em – or you run the risk of injury or not getting what you could from your workouts. So be sure and take a gander at the videos before you dive right into the workout – –

Run like a hare – or BEAR?

Dear reader,

I’ve been watching a lot of National Geographic as of late, and one of my favorite shows that I watch quite often is a documentary on grizzly bears.

“Grizzly bear documentary” as the YouTube title states (and yes, I generally never watch the boob tube as most of what is on there is utter trash – but I DO make an exception for National Geographic and History channels – and on occasion sports channels as well).

That’s a tip right there for productivity by the way – READ more – and watch LESS – or no – tee -vee. And certainly minimize the amount of time you spend on your smartphones – you’ll not only get a hell of a lot more ACCOMPLISHED, but your brain will thank you for doing what you can to prevent it turning into a giant tub of mush.

Anyway, as I was watching these amazing animals, a part of the footage that stuck out in mind and that I replayed over and over again was an adult male grizzly (must have clocked in at at least 500 kgs if not more) sprinting full bore after a tiny  little rabbit – and that too DOWNHILL through brush, shrubbery and what not in Yellowstone National Park.

It was ambling one second – and the next second – BAM – off it went like a tracer bullet, massive bulk and all, and so did the hare, of course, a mere speck compared to the massive bear after it.

Now you’d imagine that the hare would naturally speed off and win the race (of life, here) by a) sprinting off faster than the bear and b) diving into it’s cubby hole?

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that – and yet – not a chance, my friend.

Not a chance.

That darn bear literally raced after the hare – downhill – “swooped down” upon it as if it were an eagle and made short work of it’s prey.

Now, THAT, my friends – is speed – and proof that “big” does NOT necessarily equate to “slow”.

Just take a look at human sprinters if you don’t believe me. Their massive upper bodies might (at first glance) appear to be slower than the average shrivelled up emaciated “pavement pounder”, but are they? Not a chance, my friend.

Now, what does racing like a bear – or hare have to do with YOU, you might ask?

Well, that’s a good question and one I’ll answer now.

Sprints, as I’ve been telling you for a long, long time now – done FAST and at the right cadence are one of the ultimate tools in your arsenal for burning blubber off your ENTIRE body – and FAST, at that.

You can literally EAT more and weigh less – and look better – if you incorporate sprints into your regular routine.

OK – you say. I already know that. What’s new?

Well – what’s new is this – a fair number of people have written it to tell me that they are NOT in the condition to do sprints.

Wonky knees. Shin splints. Way too overweight to even jog – let alone run or sprint. Haven’t gotten off the couch in years. Weekend warriors that pulled a hamstring when … ah, but you get the point, eh?

In an earlier email I wrote about a few things you can do if you’re currently unable to do sprints.

But what if you’re skinny and STILL NOT in the sort of “cardio” shape you need to be in in order to perform high intensity sprints?

Believe me, it’s more common than you think. That rail skinny guy with his collarbones “hanging out” and a “12 pack” might “look” quick, but ask him to do more than one all out sprint,, and chances are he’ll flop miserably.

What you CAN do though is start out slow – and in the quadruped position instead of biped.

And the bear crawl is one of the BEST exercises in this regard. Believe me now, and trust me later – you actually end up huffing and puffing MORE when you do the bear crawl and go ultra slow than if you were to sprint in that position, though the sprints are certainly no slouch either.

And EVERYONE can get on all fours, can’t they? (and NO, it’s NOT the position you’re thinking right about now, hehe).

Hell yeah they can – and this position not only takes the stress off the lower body, lower back and knees – but also gets you super fit in a minimal amount of time.

The bear crawl is JUST ONE of the variations I mention in my latest book on this “Advanced Hill Training” – and if the idea of dropping blubber from your frame quicker than you can say “voila” (with little or no change in diet) appeals to you – well – grab the course right here, my friends –

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I just finished up with some “Bourne Sprints” and almost barged headfirst into a couple of ruffians that saw me coming and yet pretended to be so deeply buried in their smartphone that they couldn’t move  a cm or so to let me through.

Meh. What’s the world coming to, eh?!

OK – I’ll be back again tomorrow! If you train today – make it a superb one, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I wrote about how I ended up drinking beer and eating what I normally don’t a couple of months ago during the Chinese New Year holidays – and expecting to pile on at least a kg or so from the gluttony – but guess what. I ended up weighing LESS the next day!

True story, my friend, and ’tis what inspired me to put out Advanced Hill Training. Grab your copy right here – –


I could barely WALK last night

Dear reader,

YEEE-OOOOOWWW! I woke up in the middle of last night – and for some reason my legs were feeling a bit strange, and …

OWWW! I yelled out loud as my right inner thigh suddenly started to cramp up – it wasn’t really painful, but I could feel it nonetheless.

OK, no problemo, I figured – and in my half groggy state (I was actually dreaming of a camping vacation at that time if that makes sense!) I got out of bed and attempted to walk a few steps – and THAT is when it hit me.

I could barely stand – let alone walk on the right leg. Could barely even straighten my right leg to be honest – and the pain was so intense I yelled out loud – must have woken up the neighbors as well (although judging by the amount of noise that was going on therein until the wee hours of the morning it’s debatable if those fine folks, three guys living together apparently ever even went to bed, hehe).

I tried massaging the area to give it some relief. Tried to “pummel” it gently. Poke it. Prod it. Nothing doing.

And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it calmed down – but I could still feel it. Oh yeah, I could still feel it as I walked gingerly back to bed – and even more gingerly straightened my leg out.

And this “wonky” feeling persisted until this morning. Luckily the worst of it seems to have receded – but rather than the Universe – it was my BODY talking to me this time.

And what was it saying?

Well – to give it a bit of a break – to go EASY for a change.

As y’all can no doubt tell from my daily emails I hit it HARD daily. Not perhaps as hard as a pro athlete training 8 hours a day, but combined with other activities that most folks do as part of a “balanced lifestyle” – that amount of hard training will make itself felt, my friend.

Sure, I felt great last night – still do – but upon thinking about it I’ve got several niggles that I’ve been neglecting for days – and I’ll rectify this today.

All I’ll do is some mild walking, and then perhaps a mild-brisk hill walk as well if I feel like it. Other than that, I’ll rest – and take it easy – and I’ll be back to normal tomorrow again – when I can hit it HARD again.

Moral of the story?

As I keep saying – go easy somedays – and go harder the other days. If you’re an advanced trainee, your definition of “easy” or “hard” may be different from someone that’s just starting out – but even if you’re an advanced man (or woman) – you’d be well advised to take it easy some days regardless.

I’m much like y’all in that I need a kick up the “bootocks” to remind me of this truism every once in a while, and my body duly gave me that kick last night, hehe.

Note though that go easy doesn’t mean “sit around and do nothing”. You do SOMETHING – except you engage in mild activity which still gets the blood flowing to the affected area(s)- – active recovery, in other words.

Last, but not least, none of this is meant to be taken as an excuse to “go easy all the time” – NO.

The average Joe or Jane needs a kick up the butt NOT to “go easy” – – but to get off their duff and DO something – anything.

And pushups, my friend – are a great, great way to start. You can bang ’em out right there in your living room as I do in the System – and I show you how to accomplish workouts that can, do and WILL move fat burning mountains right HERE – –

Run on over now, and grab the ONE System out there that has the potential to literally change your life around.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – To “do something daily” is but ONE of the Ten Commandments of Physical Success mentioned in the System, but truth be told, important as it, there are many more things that you need to pay heed to if you’re serious about your health and fitness. Find out what those are right HERE – –

Banish that ponderous belly

Dear reader,

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a gentleman in the park – a guy who I’ve known for years, and a guy that runs one of the most popular pubs in town.

A “good old lad” as it were, and I spotted him out of – on all things – a run.

Along with a few other foreign devils in tow.

Now, why is this a big deal, you might think?

Well, for starters, because the dude has a huge, huge belly – and NOT the “hard fat” kind that doesn’t jiggle when you touch it, “mate”. He’s got one of those HUGE “floppy” bellies – a ponderous, bloated behemoth that looks like it could and probably does house several whales.

And to see him running was interesting to say the least, and while the rest of the posse were nowhere near that “gigantic” shape – none of them looked too fit (though some were real skinny) – at least not the ones I saw.

They were out on what they fondly term as their “hash run” – which apparently from what I understand is a camaraderie building exercise amongst pub regulars.

As in, run a few paces, stop, chug down a cold one, run a few more paces, chug down perhaps two more – and so on and so forth – until you reach the finish line – or IF you ever reach it, hehe.

Great, great camaraderie builder – not to mention great fun as well. I’ve been invited to join them as well, and who knows – I might well do so down the line.

NOT so great – or even near ideal for burning fat though – or exercising, for that matter.  If anything, “hash runs” done this way will probably pile on way more pounds than remaining sedentary would due to the nature of the cold beverages being chugged, hehe.

Now, you might imagine I’m going to talk about diet now – and while diet is one of the keys to weight loss – it’s NOT the most important by far.

No sirreeeeee. There are other keys that trump diet, and what they “be”?

Well, visualization, for starters. Something that I’ve been hammering home for the last few posts, and something you’d do well to take to heart.

If you’re about 40 kgs overweight – well, visualize yourself in the perfect shape (or condition) you WANT to be both BEFORE – and DURING your workouts. Do so daily – make this a workout unto itself, albeit a mental one.

Believe me, this one trick combined with what I’m going to tell you next has the power to move mountains – such as in my case, where I literally went down from a humungous 120 kgs (back when I was way, way out of shape) to a svelte (and somewhat underweight but NOT weak) 60 kgs.

And what’s next?

Well, DEEP breathing, my friend. DEEP BREATHING!

Deep breathing is what is responsible for over 90% of real fat burning you do! As Martin “Famer” Burns once famously said, “deep breathing has made many a weak man strong, and many a sick man well”.

There is immense wisdom in this saying. In fact, some of the old timers held deep breathing in such high regard that some said it was the very point of the entire workout.

I’m not gonna go quite that far, but I will say this – if you’re not breathing deeply with EACH and every rep – if I can’t hear you breathing RHYTHMICALLY while working out – and if you yourself neglect to do this – then you’re cheating yourself out of the majority of the benefits you’d otherwise get from your workout.

Deep breathing, to put it one way, is the “support structure” that holds the bridge between your MIND and your BODY (that bridge being neural connections) in place.

And deep breathing is more than just physical. It does more than purify the blood, give you renewed vigor, MORE stamina et al.

It does more than help you RECOVER from hard workouts. Yada, nada…

It connects you to the COSMOS – to your very core – to the cosmic energy of the entire Universe, my friend. And for those that don’t believe me – well, I have this to say – DO it – and THEN get back to me with results etc.

There is a way to breathe correctly – and there is way to do so INCORRECTLY (which is how most people and the majority of so called experts do it). Don’t fall into the latter category, my friend, else you’ll stand to miss out on much of the lard blasting, blubber roasting, furnace igniting, FAT BURNING, and muscle building effects of the workout.

I’ll have more on all this later, but for now – once you’ve kept the above in mind, get busy banging out some pushups and squats as I’ve shown you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System (and be sure and read the chapter on deep breathing as well).

Get busy working out to a 100 – then a 150 – and maybe even 250 pushups in ONE workout.

Last, but not least, remember that form is paramount. If you do the exercise in improper form – again – you might as well not do ’em. And if you don’t know how to do ’em correctly – well – not to worry – the System has got you covered right here: –

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. The daughter be -a -calling me on the “dumb” phone, and I better answer or else, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Again, if you don’t know the way to breathe correctly – not to worry – the System has you covered right here – –

“I think of you as a modern day Gandhi”

Dear reader,

Was enjoying a few cold ones with my buddy a week or so ago, and something he’s been telling me for a while now – something absolutely hilarious by the way – came to mind, and I’m going to share it with you now.

Being I’m huge on visualization and everything related to it, that’s naturally one of the topics we discuss in detail when we hang out – curiously enough it’s a topic HE is interested in as well.

Hmmmm …. like attracts like ….. energy flowing in one direction picks up SIMILAR energy to keep it flowing in that same direction – pretty much what I said in my last post on this.

Anyway, there have been some things “going on” in his life, and without getting into further detail, I asked him to visualiaze – – and do some other things, amongst which included recording his dreams and trying to analyze them.

Now, before you start to classify me as “fit for looney tune bin” (as if the “foreign devil doing bear crawls uphill” wasn’t crazy enough already), hang on. Think a minute.

Dreams are another way the Universe communicates with us, my friend. Believe me now and trust me later, but dreams are probably the most important thing to focus upon after you first start visualizing.

Again, believe it or not – but I’ve had dreams where names and faces of people flashed into my mind while sleeping – people I’ve NEVER known or even MET before.

And yet funnily enough not only did I end up meeting those same people a few days later – – but I did business with them as well.

Take that for what it’s worth, but ’tis true, my friend. Every word I speak is – in typical “brutally honest 0 Excuses” style – TRUE to a T.

Anyhow, Gandhi is the last thing I’d associate myself with. First thing you know I’ve got long hair at this point, and I’m certainly nowhere near as emaciated as Gandhi himself was (at least from the pictures I’ve seen).

Not only that, he’s NOT someone I wish to emulate – for reasons I’m not going to get into here – but YES, a lot of his achievements are nothing short of stupendous in terms of the end result, so I raise my hat to the man anyway.

Gandhi isn’t the only person I’ve been compared to anyway. I used to be called “Jesus” by some of the pot smoking crowd way back at University – which was even more hilarious since I don’t believe in any form of religion whatsoever, but somewhat more apt given my long hair and olive skin etc.

Ok, now that you’ve got your morning humor for the day, what does any of this have to do with fitness?

Well, in terms of visualization, plenty.

I personally wouldn’t want to visualize myself as a Gandhi – all skin and bones, and probably very little energy to boot. Neither does “Jesus” fit the bill for me – he was somewhat more “robust” than Gandhi, but personally – me – I’d like to visualize having shoulders like boulders and an upper body to match it if you get my drift, hehe.

Or legs that never quit.

Boundless stamina. Energy that NEVER dies out, even in the “wee hours of the night” (curiously enough that is when I’m at my best – I’m not much of a morning person either).

Now, you’d do good to remember that while visualization is and should be step #1 on the road to accomplishing any goal, you DO need to also “get off your duff” and DO something, my friend.

Visualization is great in terms of communicating to the Universe, but ACTIONS speak, my friend – and none so more than those taken when you incorporate the deep breathing and the exercises I teach in the 0 Excuses Fitness System into EACH and every day of your lives.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Believe me – these exercises more than do their bit in terms of connecting you with the Universe – if you don’t believe me – well – bang out Hindu pushups and reverse pushups with the right breathing until you get good at ’em – and you’ll soon start to notice a mysterious feeling of “connectedness” creep all over you.

You’ll feel like a billion bucks – like you can take on ANY and all obstacles, and this feeling won’t merely be physical, my friend. The mind is where it all starts – and where it all ends.

Anyway, that’s that for today. I’m off for some much awaited roadwork now, hehe. Hoo …RAAAAA!


Rahul Mookerjee

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When the Universe talks – you LISTEN!

Dear reader,

I’ve often spoken about the topic of visualization in my daily emails/posts. And it’s something that is SO important to me that I do it everyday – even if for a few minutes – but preferably for longer.

While I’ve spoken about visualization mostly in terms of fitness on this blog, the RAW and UNADULTERATED facts are that you can use this technique to attract literally any outcome/goal you want in your life – provide you can SEE yourself accomplishing it first.

And lest you think this is “hocus pocus”, or “ouija board bunk”, well, think AGAIN, my friend.

It’s a scientific and proven process – and one I’m not going to get into here, but it all boils down to two things – a) everything is ENERGY, and b) like attracts like.

Positive energy attracts positive results. Negative energy attracts negative results. “So-So” attracts the same. And so forth.

I’ve been doing a lot of visualization over the past couple of days with regard to my books and courses – and my business in general. And for whatever reason, over the past couple of days I did this at night as opposed to waking up first thing in the morning (which is when I normally prefer to do  it).

I closed my eyes, found a quiet spot, turned all the phones and all that off, and simply THOUGHT. Transported myself into an alternate reality, so much so that I could actually FEEL what was happening – as opposed to just seeing it!

I FELT my books being sold. I FELT folks buying my products, and I suddenly and unexpectedly felt a TIDAL wave of euphoria just “lift me off the physical plane” as it were.

Now, remember that none of this was “actually” happening – but then again, that’s not the right way to put it.

It WAS happening – in my mind – and what happens in the MIND WILL – ALWAYS – happen in the “physical form” as well.

Don’t believe me? Well, as this wave of euphoria was washing over me, bathing me with pure joy and delight – and HAPPINESS – I felt a sharp tingle down my spine.

Something was up, my friend. Something was up! 

An image of the sales chart flashed into my head (I have this “graph” like software which shows me sales made in a graphical “skyscraper” format), and for whatever reason one of the titles suddenly jumped a “block higher”.

This image just flashed into my mind and left almost instantly, and if I wasn’t in an intense state of focus – I wouldn’t even have NOTICED it.

On a hunch I decided to check the site – and guess what. I had made a sale.

And lest you think this was a fluke – or “coincidence” – think AGAIN, my friend. First thing you know, there is no such beast as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

Still don’t believe me?

Well, I repeated this little exercise over the next couple of nights and guess what. The results were the SAME.

And lest you think this only works when you visualize at night – nuh uh. Wrong again. It can work at ANY time of the day – provided you input the right amount of energy and emotion into whatever it is you’re picturing.

I’ll have more on this in the future, my friend. For now, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Zero to Hero, which covers visualization as point #1 amongst the other 24 INVALUABLE – and PRACTICAL tips I give you.

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Tips I’ve used myself. Tips that all successful people have used at all levels.

Truth be told, this topic is so vast that I could probably write tomes on it and still not even scratch the surface of whats out there – but Zero to Hero is a great, great start my friend.

Grab it while the going is good – implement what it says – – and watch your life start to FLOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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Sprint — > Slow

Dear reader,

Well, since I’ve been writing about sprints and sprinting in general over the past coupla days, I figured I’d do a change in tack and write about the reverse – or the opposite, actually – which is to train SLOWLY.

Yes, that’s right – the “Fast and Furious Fitness” guy (and now the 0 Excuses Fitness guy) who ALWAYS emphasizes speed – lightning fast greasy SPEED while going through a workout is now also advocating training slow at times.

What gives, you ask? Whats up with the sudden change in tack?

Well, not much really – except I changed things up a bit (something I highly advocate in the 0 Excuses System for everyone, by the way with regard to their workouts) a little during the roadwork part of my workout, and did things a bit slower.

I ran in reverse, except I ran a bit slower. I ran a couple of miles the normal way, except I didn’t quite pump the arms as much as I do normally.

And not just that – while doing my pushups today I did ’em even more “methodically” than I do normally if that makes sense. Really focused on the muscles I was hitting – and REALLY focused on form if that makes sense (and it should!).

And so forth.

You’d think that the slower tempo would mean my workout took longer, right? Or that I wouldn’t get one heck of a cardio workout as I normally do?

Well – I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that if you DID think that – but here are the facts – I got done QUICKER than I normally do – and my shirt was sopping with sweat after the first 25 reps – so much so that it felt like a millstone around my neck when I did my roadwork later.

What gives again, you might ask?

Well, here’s the thing – “slow” for me does  NOT mean “long slow distance”, my friend. It merely means changing up the tempo of the workout a bit and focusing that much longer on every rep.

Making each set – and each rep count – as it damn well should – MORE than I make it count daily.

And this sort of training is a great thing to do for a change. I don’t advocate training this way daily, but you’d be well advised to work it into your routine one day of the week, or perhaps even two – depending upon how you feel.

Key thing being – as I said yesterday – there are PLENTY of ways to skin that particular cat, my friend – and they will all get you to the ultimate goal – except perhaps you’ll take a slightly different path to the top some days.

Much like my beloved hill – plenty of routes up to the top – but they ALL get you there.

Anyway – that’s that for today! I’m a BUZZZZZZZZZING with energy now – – and I’m off to grab some chow!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Bourne” sprints

Dear reader,

Some of the most inspiring training montages I’ve ever seen in a movie are NOT the most commonly referred to by most folks.

When “inspiring” training montages are mentioned, the first name that springs to mind is Rocky I – need more be said?

I’m sure EVERYONE reading this email knows what I’m referring to if they haven’t been living under a rock for the past 40 or so years (if you have made it that far that is, hehe) – and just in case not – it’s the famous “Rocky run” done early in the morning before he jumps straight into his boxing training routine.

Roadwork in other words – and don’t get me wrong – it IS indeed one of the MOST inspiring training montages out there especially when combined with the Bill Conti soundtrack.

But even that pales in comparison to Jason Bourne sprinting ALL out in the first part of the Bourne Supremacy, my friend.

An ALL out sprint – done on the beach – with UTMOST focus (you can almost see the determination in Matt Damon (Bourne)’s eyes to break his previous record) – arms pumping – legs POUNDING – the whole deal – you name it.

Man oh man, is that inspiring or what!!??

It is for me, at any rate, and what exactly are “Bourne sprints” you might ask?

Well, as the man himself informs us in the first “Bourne” movie (The Bourne Identity) – it’s an all out sprint done for 30 seconds WITHOUT getting winded – and that too at high altitudes.

And lest you think that isn’t much, take the average pavement pounder or gym gorilla and put him through an all out 5 second sprint on FLAT ground at SEA level – and watch the results.

If said person even makes it that far, that is!

Whew -don’t know about you, but that sort of thing sure motivates me to get better – and when combined with visuals, it’s one of the most powerful images you can use in your mental training arsenal my friend.

Now, I bring all this up NOT to wax lyrical on my favorite movies, but because inspiring scenes are what inspire US to give it our ALL my friend.

When you’re puffing through that last set of Hindu squats, picture something like this in mind, and you’ll breeze through it. When your arms start to fall off the pull-up bar – – picture something like this – – and you’ll inevitably get more and more reps.

Try it, and you’ll see – it’s yet another one of those visualization techniques I refer to so often.

Yet another training sequence that is highly inspiring to me is “Mr T” knocking off 2 finger pull-ups in Rocky III. I’d include the Rocky / Creed sprint towards the end of it – but the preening and posing and emphasis on shiny, greased, “bodybuilder” style muscles (as opposed to the far more normal earlier movies) put me off completely. Uggggggggghhh.

These sort of visualizations are powerful motivators indeed my friend – not just physically but mentally as well. When you feel like giving up in or on anything – – well – – picture the “Bourne” sprint (or better yet, do one if you are capable of doing it) – – and report back on the results.

I’ll bet it’s superlative.

Now, what if you’re currently not even in a position to run for a while – or jog, for that matter, let alone sprint?

What if you haven’t done a lick of exercise in years?

What if you’ve been pounding heavy weights in the gym for what seems like forever but have been watching your waistline balloon and your energy levels dip regardless?

Well – simple – the first step is this – you start someplace and progress from there. You build a rock solid foundation – a foundation that CANNOT be “shaken” later on – and a foundation that allows you to build towards the sky – – or further, if you so choose.

And the good news is you don’t have to simply watch the training montages and then lapse into the “ole” familiar refrain of “I’ll never be able to do those”.

Even BETTER news- there IS one sprint you can do – and do RIGHT NOW.

And that is to sprint like the proverbial HARE, my friend (as opposed to “dwadle” like a tortoise) to this page to start building your foundation TODAY – –

Make a commitment to yourself my friend – that being to DROP the excuses, and get the fittest you’ve ever been in your entire life.

Make that commitment – and FOLLOW through.

I dare you to do so!


Rahul Mookerjee

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