0 EXCUSES FITNESS – will get YOU in the best darn shape of your LIFE!

Hi, my name is Rahul Mookerjee, and I’ve written 0 Excuses Fitness, “Reverse pushups – the best darn thing you can do for yourself”, and several OTHER books that will help you get in the best shape of your life both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY

Most people today have been sold a “bill of goods” in terms of fitness. We’ve been told that you have to do “hours” of cardio to lose fat. We’ve been told that we have to sign up for “gym memberships” (that usually end up gathering DUST) to “build muscle”.


Well, I’m here to tell you that NONE OF IT is true.

No Gyms required. No fancy ab gadgets required. Certainly no “airy fairy (or sweaty) 100 degree plus” yoga classes required. 

No treadmills. No pec decks. NOTHING of that nature. 

Your own body and a willingness to follow the ZERO EXCUSES WAY is ALL YOU NEED. 

  • Want to lose weight FAST – with MINIMAL investment (and not much “dieting” required)? This’ll do it – and truth be told that is why most people are looking for a new fitness program anyway …
  • Want to gain muscle – ALL OVER YOUR BODY –  and “unnatural” pulling strength (and NO – the secret is NOT pull-ups although they ARE a great exercise)?
  • Want to build massive shoulders – a rock solid back – a BARREL CHEST – BARN-DOOR LATS – and legs that just DON’T QUIT?
  • BOUNDLESS ENERGY and an AWESOME feeling that lasts long, long even AFTER your workout (which doesn’t have to take more than 15-30 minutes)?

And so forth … And just so you know, my friend, the truth is that I’ve been there as well.

I was way out of shape at a certain point in my life, and THESE exercises are what turned it all around!

I know what it feels like to be overweight. I know what it feels like to go for long runs and not quite “get there” in terms of stamina. I know what it feels like to constantly get told that I “need to lose weight”. 

I know how it feels to be looking at those with “fit and toned” bodies, and experience PANGS OF ENVY in terms of the sheer ADMIRATION these people got from others, and the sheer CONFIDENCE they exuded.

I know what it feels like to have “love handles”. I know what it feels like to have “man boobs”.  I know what it feels like to literally look – and feel – like a bloated balloon despite my BEST EFFORTS to the contrary (and believe me, I tried everything out there).

In short – I’ve been there and done that, my friend. This is NOT an “armchair” trainee by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been there – done that – and THEN SOME!

And the 0 Excuses Fitness program is what TURNED IT ALL around, my friend. 

First off, and right off the bat, I’m here to tell you that I WENT DOWN FROM 120 kgs to 60 kgs by following what I “preach” and that is NOT an exaggeration.

In fact, if anything, my words UNDER-EMPHASIZE the sheer transforming effect that I am referring to. That is another FACT. I quite literally became A NEW MAN!

Your exact goals may differ, my friend, but the TRUTH is that 0 Excuses Fitness will SHOW YOU THE WAY to achieve whatever fitness goal it is that you set for yourself. 

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Now, up there I told you what most people have been told, but what I did NOT tell you as yet is what most folks have NOT been told, at least not by the very gyms and other establishments that “trick” you into buying fancy memberships you DO NOT need. 

We hear about injuries sustained in the gym all the time. Shoulders that are so beat up that the person can barely lift them up to put on a shirt. Lower back and knee pain from squatting with heavy weights (and usually improper form as well) that your body was NOT meant to handle.

The “Hunchback of Notre Dame” syndrome that occurs because of our modern day lifestyles, but also the common tendency to focus upon the bench press at the expense of the BACK.

And so forth.

But do we EVER hear anything about health – and TRUE strength – and LASTING flexibility? 

The strength of your internal organs? Let me tell you right now, my friend, the biggest biceps in the world ain’t gonna help when you’ve got liver issues from steriod usage. Those “striated” thighs the bodybuilders love to show off may look good to some, but they don’t help much when it comes to carrying Grandma up a flight of stairs.

In fact, I heard of a bodybuilder that almost died after multiple heart attacks – at – get this – the AGE OF 26 – and believe me, he’s NOT the exception!

Exercise the 0 Excuses way, my friend. The NATURAL way – and you’ll experience benefits that the average gym goer will never even COME CLOSE TO experiencing!

BE STRONG – FLEXIBLE – and have the AGILITY OF A JUNGLE CAT “waiting to pounce”!!

The picture above shows me doing a ONE ARM gymnastic bridge (an easy variation given some of the others out there). Most “muscle heads” would be hard pressed to even GET INTO this position, let alone hold for time – with one arm.

That says it all, eh?


Want to bang out pull-ups by the REP? Well, take a look at the pictures beneath –


(TIMED holds – in the MIDDLE of a pull-up – and they are TOUGH!)

The average weightlifter (of today) would be hard pressed to do ONE SINGLE pull-up in PROPER form – and as for holding at the mid-point? Might as well forget about it.

Believe me, my friend – if you do what 0 Excuses Fitness tells you and apply yourself in the right manner, the results will downright ASTOUND you.

How would YOU like to have the following results? 

0 Excuses Fitness very proudly and stridently proclaims JUST SOME of the following benefits you WILL receive if you are open to “doing without questioning”: –

  • Exponential increases in strength ALL over your body – these exercises work the ENTIRE BODY from head to toe.
  • Increased stamina, endurance, and lung power.
  • ELIMINATE shoulder and back pain forever with some of the exercises. 
  • Increased flexibility ALL OVER YOUR BODY, especially your back.
  • Fix the “hunchback of Notre-dame” syndrome that is one of the BANES of modern day living. NO MORE TIGHT TRAPS!
  • Loss of unsightly blubber all over your body – You’ll lose those “love” handles you’ve been wanting to – and you’ll start fitting into clothes you haven’t been able to wear for years!
    • I went down from 120 kgs -> 60 kgs on this routine.
    • Build solid, functional muscle all over your body – this without following any “weightlifting” routines!
    • Supreme internal health – your internal organs will benefit greatly from following a good exercise program on a regular basis.
    • You’ll LOOK better – and you’ll feel better- and will have a spring in your step. Co-workers and friends aren’t going to be able to tell what’s got you so buzzed!
    • More laser like FOCUS and energy to get things DONE – you’ll wonder where it came from!
    • Better sleep – this is a given. No more sleepless nights and tossing/turning; once you hit the hay, you stay there for a solid 8 hours!

But all this would pale in comparison without the sheer feeling and ENERGIZING effect all this has on your body, and therefore your ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

Does the above sound even a tad bit appealing to you? 

I’ll bet it does!

Throughout this website you’ll see the terms “results” and “take action” being used repeatedly. There is good reason behind this. Emerson once said “Do the thing and you’ll have the power“.

There is wisdom indeed in this saying – but of course, you do need to know “how to do the thing”. 

And in terms of fitness, what that means and translates into is – DITCH WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY USELESS AND DOESN’T WORK! 

Drop the ab “rollers” and other “fancy shmancy” gadgets they sell you on late night TV, my friend. Not only do they NOT work – but they are NOT good for you.

Drop the expensive gym memberships that don’t quite deliver and end up lying UNUSED a lot of times.

Yoga done right may have certain benefits, but NOTHING in comparison to what the 0 Excuses Fitness program will give you – and truth be told, most yoga classes out there are not the real deal. And I should know …

Follow the 0 Excuses way, my friend. Jump on over right NOW and get started on the road to EVERLASTING health, strength and FITNESS. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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